Autumn Specials for Computers October 27, 2016 15:15

Today, I walked out of my house and was greeted with a pleasant surprise. No longer was I subjected to the scorching heat of mid-morning in San Antonio, but a cool breeze whistled past me as I prepared to drive to work. Summer is gone, and it's finally beginning to feel like autumn. Over the years, I have become too accustomed to the constant hot weather, staying indoors and driving anywhere with the air conditioner on full blast. For me, the fall time is a welcome change in climate. It's a time to enjoy the outdoors, go on a walk, or go to a fall festival. For many, it's a time to clean out the homes and recycle old items in preparation for the coming holiday season. Here at, we’re also taking advantage of the fall season by offering a great series of specials!




If you haven’t heard by now, offers a service that allows people to recycle their unwanted computer electronics for free. Computers should absolutely not be thrown away with normal trash. There are toxic chemicals inside the metals that computers are built with which can cause irreversible harm to the environment when deposited incorrectly. We do our part for the environment by offering this service for free. There are a number of recycling services out there that charge to recycle,  not 210Geeks. In fact, if you have 5 or more recyclable items, we will drive to your location to pick them up! If you are with a business looking to get rid of large amounts of electronics, contact us! We are open to forming partnerships with business that generate ample amounts of unneeded computer equipment.   The change of seasons is a perfect time for a change in your household. Clean out your old equipment by recycling it with us for free.


Do you need cash for the upcoming holidays? If you do, you can bring your computer to our location. After a free evaluation, we will offer you cash up front for your device. As I mentioned, we have some autumn specials going on for those looking to find an affordable computer that functions great (warranty included!). Our desktop computers start as low as $40 and $10 for an LCD monitor. We have Dell core i5 laptops installed with Windows 10 for only $100. They’re going fast, so you won’t want to wait!




As a small business of only four people, we put our passion into what we do to deliver you great services that can’t be matched in San Antonio. If you need to buy or sell a computer, we’re the solution!


Daniel McLaurin / Digital Marketing & Media