Do you have Unwanted Technology in San Antonio?

Do you have Unwanted Technology in San Antonio?

        Humanity has made tremendous strides in technological innovation this century. In just the past ten years, the processing and computing power of our electronic devices have increased exponentially. According to Gordon Moore, the co-founder of Intel, the clock speed of computers can double every two years until around the year 2020. With technology advancing at such a fast rate, old technology is quickly outdated. Due to this, it has become a huge issue of what to do with discarded technology. Most computer devices are built with metals that are toxic to the environment when thrown in the trash. When buried in landfills, the toxins and computers can pollute soil and groundwater sources. As a company that deals with large quantities of electronics, we want to ensure that citizens of San Antonio have an efficient and cost-effective way to properly dispose of their electronic waste, or e-waste for short.

        The city of San Antonio has urged it, citizens, to properly recycle, yet many do not feel the responsibility to put forth the effort. Just in this month of September, hundreds of San Antonio residents were warned and dozens fined for improper recycling. Why do you think this is? Most business that offers a recycling service will charge a fee to process electronic waste. Many consumers do not find it worthwhile to pay to get rid of their old stuff. At in San Antonio, we understand this and set out for a solution. We don’t believe people should be charged for making the effort to do the right thing. We offer an e-waste recycling service that is 100% free to the people, regardless of the amount. For larger quantities of electronics (5+ computers), we will pick it up from your location.

        As opposed to recycling, many individuals choose to donate their old devices. While this may be a good option for household items and clothes,  electronic devices older than 5 years have virtually no value to those who receive them. Most of these items are rendered useless as developers stop supporting software on outdated devices. As a result, many donated computers end up in landfills anyway, thus adding to the problem.

        I want to encourage anyone in San Antonio to bring their e-waste to the experts at to ensure the proper disposal of their electronics. Our guys have years of experience to make sure your items are handled with care. We guarantee the safety of your personal information on your device when you choose to recycle with us. At no charge, we offer free data recovery to save your information from your old device. Before recycling, all data is deleted from devices to ensure the safety of our customers’ personal data.

        On a related note, if you are looking to recycle items less than 5 years old, they may be worth money! buys back desktops and laptops to be refurbished. If you bring your device to our location at 11503 Jones Maltsberger Rd. Suite 1139 San Antonio, TX 78216, we can evaluate it to see how much we can offer.

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Daniel McLaurin / Digital Marketing & Media