Free Personal Data Recovery for your Computer

Free Personal Data Recovery for your Computer

        Yesterday, I discovered my hamster had escaped from his cage and was on the loose in the house. Having accidentally left the cage door unlatched, I was consumed with guilt and fear as I meticulously searched through every nook and cranny of my house only to find no trace of him.  Losing something dear and personal to me had ruined my mood for the entire day. I did not feel like myself at the thought that he may be gone forever. All I wanted was to see his adorable little face again. Fortunately for me, he finally turned up on his own after midnight, unharmed and full of energy. I could rest easy. The lesson I learned from this experience is that you don’t truly appreciate what you have until it may be gone!


        Many people are interested in selling their old technology, but are worried they may lose all of their personal data when doing so. Photos, videos, credit card information, records, and music are just a few of the most common data found on nearly all personal devices. It's a frightening thought to imagine that it could be gone for good. The personal attachment that people develop for their data leads many to hold onto their old devices for years after they are no longer used or broken in hopes that the info may be recovered.

        At 210Geeks, we understand the value of the priceless memories on our client’s devices. We have all had situations where we’ve lost data that is important to us. Because of this, we were inspired to create a free data recovery system for customers of our buy-back program. We take the hard drive from your machine and connect it to a special device that allows us to safely transfer all of your personal data onto an external  drive. Like a treasured family photo album, our computer tech ensures our customers’ data is handled with the utmost care.  After the transfer, all of the data is wiped clean from the previous hard drive to guarantee that no sensitive info is leaked. Customers are issued a Certificate of Data Destruction. With the data now on an external hard drive, it can be easily transferred by USB to another computer or device.   


        We’ve recovered data for hundreds of satisfied customers, enabling them to put their data on their new device. For customers selling their computers, this process is completely free. For those not selling, we offer the service for a fee of $75. If you or anyone you know in San Antonio has data they need recovered, then look no further than 210Geeks. Visit our location at 11503 Jones Maltsberger Rd. Suite 1139 San Antonio, TX 78216 or find us online at



Daniel McLaurin / Digital Marketing and Media