The Latest Computer Technology in 2016

The Latest Computer Technology in 2016

There’s been some big news in the technology industry this week. Microsoft recently unveiled their latest product, the Microsoft Surface Studio. Coming from their line of tablets with attachable keyboards, the Microsoft Surface Studio features a large super-thin display that can tilt down to a 20-degree angle on a four-point hinge. This feature creates a tabletop format for the touch screen feature that has become a staple in the Surface devices. You can use the same stylus as the normal Surface devices, and now Microsoft has added an additional attachment called the Surface Dial. It adds an extra layer of functionality. Fully mechanized itself, it can be used to scroll through pages or bring up additional menus depending on the application being used. It’s especially useful for artists, as it comes with a color picker and brush options for drawing applications.



The specifications of the Surface Studio are also quite impressive. It comes with either an i5 or i7 core processor, up to 32 gigabytes of RAM, and a 2.1 surround sound system. The keyboard and Surface dial work wirelessly. The screen measures a massive 28 in. diagonally with 13.5 million pixels.  A Microsoft representative claims that the Surface Studio is the thinnest LCD screen ever made, measuring at only 12.5 millimeters thick. The only real stinger with this new computer is the hefty price tag. The Surface Studio starts at $3000 and upgrade options can make it cost as much as $4200.

Microsoft isn’t the only one bringing out new tech. This week, Apple also revealed its latest series of Macbook Pro laptops. The most notable feature of the Macbook Pro 2016 is the addition of an OLED touch bar screen above the keyboard. The touch bar can be used for a variety of functions as it changes based on the application you are using. There are some other specification upgrades as well. The new Macbook Pro is 12% thinner and 67% brighter than the previous Macbook with Apple stating that it can produce 25% more colors. The internal power specifications are not a big change from the previous Macbook, which may be a disappointment to some who were hoping for a top-of-the-line powerhouse. Prices for the MacBook Pro 2016 start at $1500 for the base model 13-inch and $1749 for the addition of the the touch bar. The 15-inch model with the touch bar will run you over $2300.


2016 has seen some big improvements in technology while also sticking to a familiar design. Microsoft and Apple continue to innovate and cater to their massive fan bases. Most complaints about their latest devices come with the price. Most people are not able to dish out over $2000 for new computer equipment. Here at, we bridge that gap by offering computers at a much more affordable price. While usually not brand new, our computers are refurbished and designed to sell to those who need functional technology at a much more affordable price. Our desktop computers start as low as $40 and laptops at $75.

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Daniel McLaurin / Digital Media & Marketing