Giving Back and Helping Our Community


Giving Back and Helping Our Community


With our Buy Back program,

Computers are re-marketed at prices that the average person can afford, putting devices in the hands of those who traditionally find computer technology difficult to buy. At the same time, knows that non-profit and charitable organizations serving less fortunate individuals and families have a hard time spreading their budgets to cover technology expenses, so our aim is to help these organizations have technology and support at low or no cost. We can take your donations of reusable and broken equipment to repair and refurbish computers for those needing affordable yet reliable equipment.

We also provide cash for items that can be reused,

So you save waste and get something back – making it a win-win for everyone involved!

We properly recycle obsolete electronics,

according to city, state & federal requirements. We care about he environment and want to do everything we can to help others recycle too. This is why we offer our recycling program completely free to both households and businesses. We know that by reusing, repairing, & recycling we can make our world a better place.