BuyBack Home

 Computer Buy Back Program

Does your home have unused computer equipment
that could be traded for cash?

Do something with your old unused electronics!

Our computer buy back program can turn unused desktop and laptop computers, iPhones, tablets, hardware, parts, servers, networking equipment & more into CASH BACK for your household.

How does our Computer Buy Back program work?

Because every machine is unique,

We need to look over the items in store so that we can accurately evaluate their condition, specifications, market value, and other key features to get you the best cash offer.

Once we determine the buy back value of your items,

One of our certified technicians will provide you with a professional & competitive buy back for cash quote.

We delete your private data / personal information.

After we buy back your machine, we fully format each computer hard drive to ensure your information is permanently deleted. A certificate of recycling and data destruction will be issued at no charge to ensure your privacy.

We pick up your items for free.

We offer FREE COMPUTER BUY BACK PICK UP SERVICES for 10 reusable computer units and more! Just contact us to let us know what you have to sell back and to set up an on-site appointment anytime Monday - Friday.

When can you bring us your items?

If you have under 10 computer units, we're here 6 days a week at our convenient San Antonio location.

What items do we pay cash for?

Visit our Buy Back Items Page for more details on what we're looking to pay cash in store for!

Contact us now with any computer buy back questions!

Call (210) 340-3680 or Email

Promote a Green Planet

Anything that does not meet our Computer Buy Back Program criteria: We can recycle at NO COST to you!

Our company recycles obsolete computer equipment in a secure and environmentally friendly manner free of charge! We follow all state and federal regulations for disposing of computers and computer parts properly and safely.